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Alexa Turgeon

Welcome to my electronic portfolio!

Welcome to my eFolio, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

I am currently a sophomore at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am currently studying Community Health Education, and plan to minor in Psychology and Biology. Becoming an Occupational Therapist is my long- term goal.

Mission Statement:

I will face every challenge and embrace every opportunity with strength, determination, and excitement so that I may take the most out of my experience here at MSU Mankato, while preparing myself for the graduate school. 

IELI Tutor ~ Spring Semester 2015

This spring I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Intensive English Language Institute as a tutor. I was paired with a young woman from South Korea, and our goal was simple: help her prepare to pass the TOEFL test. The students in the IELI were taking a few classes through the University but had to pass the TOEFL to be fully admitted. Bich-na and I met for one hour, twice a week and went over homework, practice tests and various activities to help her become more comfortable with the English language. This was my first time acting as a tutor, so at times I struggled to be confident in this role. I came to appreciate the difficulty of learning English as a second language, and occasionally struggled to explain the often complicated and confusing rules of the language in a way other than "because that just sounds right to me". Bich-na's skills improved over time, and I noticed that we became more comfortable talking with each other as well. As someone who wants to be a competent global citizen, I was excited to learn bits and pieces about her life in South Korea. I wish I had spent more time asking about that part of her life, but the experience still made me appreciate some of the differences in cultural norms. Overall, I'm glad I challenged myself to take on the role of tutor. 

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